Intelligent Enterprise Discovery

By combining AI, ERP Functional-Technical Domain knowledge with Semantic models and Graph Databases, Graphmantics helps customers understand, visualize, navigate and enhance their Enterprise data.

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Intelligent Relationships

Enterprise Data is complex and frequently changing.  Few in a company truly understand how the business is mapped to enterprise entities, across business processes, business objects, business areas and data models related to the different systems in the landscape.  This is because there are no explicit models of the relationships between these components.  This information is typically aquired through years of experience and 'tribal knowledge'. This understanding is held by few in the organization, and typically in incomplete and fragmented fashion.

Graphmantics dynamically discovers and creates these elements and relationships intelligently and transparently, allowing the enterprise to understand, visualize, navigate and enhance their Enterprise data.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph for SAP ®

EKG for SAP ® is a solution that intelligently discovers SAP ECC systems, and generates an enriched Enterprise Knowledge Graph representation for analysis and exploration.

Divestiture Analyzer for SAP ®

With Graphmantics Divestiture Analyzer for SAP ®, customers are able to visualize the impact of divesting parts of their business using a Scenario Builder.  Far more than a reporting tools, this solution allows customers to understand the impacted business entities, assets, business areas/functions and data.

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